Jan 10

15 Top WordPress Plugins for Professional Bloggers

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon

One of the best aspects of WordPress blogging software is the ease with which it can perform a wide variety of functions, expanding its capabilities far beyond a simple website. The right plugins can transform WordPress from a powerful content management system into a complete business solution, integrating your content and your marketing opportunities in order to help drive traffic to your site, while still maintaining security for your valuable content.

In this illustrated guide, the authors give you an overview of 15 of the top WordPress plugins to use if you are a professional blogger who wishes to take your website to the next level in terms of traffic and profits, while protecting your most valuable online assets.

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CHAPTER 1: WordPress Plugins 1 to 5
CHAPTER 2: WordPress Plugins 6 to 10
CHAPTER 3: WordPress Plugins 11 to 15


Joan Mullally is Eternal Spiral Books’ resident expert on all things WordPress and one of the founders and top marketing consultants for Accent Marketing Group, Inc.

Andrew Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones, the New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE Euronext. He is an avid follower of new and emerging mobile devices and is now perfecting the art of developing great apps for his clients.

Joan and Andrew are also the authors of over two dozen other titles on apps and online business, including ” Beyond Blogging: Using WordPress to Build Your Business.”

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