Jan 24

4 Top Fitness Apps and How to Use Them

by Evelyn Trimborn and Andrew Simon

Americans have never been heavier, with over 67% of them now considered to be overweight or obese. And yet all around us are free tools that we can use to help us slim down and stay fit and trim. If you love your mobile phone and adore apps, this guide will show you how to use four of the top mobile fitness apps.

The authors provide you with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, to help you get started with each of the fitness apps, in order to begin your workouts and tracking your efforts right away.

The 4 apps they discuss in detail are:





These apps come complete with videos, audio, music and more. Downloading them and using them can start to make all the difference to your fitness level, and that of your family.

If you are looking for ways to get off the couch and motivate yourself to stay fit, all you need could be right in the palm of your hand thanks to your mobile phone and these handy apps. Get the inside scoop on how to get started using these apps with the help of this guide.



After receiving his MBA, Andrew Simon has worked at the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE EuroNext and SONY Corporation. He enjoys coaching and consulting with a range of small to mid-size businesses on what new technology can do for them to help increase their revenue and profits. He loves all things mobile, and keeping fit.

Evelyn Trimborn is a frequent contributor to many popular health websites, including Healthful-Goddess.com and YikeMD.com. She is the author of over half a dozen health guides designed to help readers take charge of their health, and that of their family.

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