Feb 14

40 Ways to Use QR Codes for Mobile Marketing

by Jeff Hamilton, Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon

***WARNING*** Only download this guide if you want to super-charge your marketing to mobile users online and offline.

Quick Response, or QR Codes, are one of the hottest ways to market to Smartphone users, regardless of whether you have an online business or a bricks and mortar one.

In this handy guide, learn how to get started marketing like a pro with QR codes. You will discover what QR codes are, how to make them, and the best ways to structure your QR code campaigns so that you can track their effectiveness.

You will learn more about some of the top free QR code creation sites online, and how to create mobile optimized landing pages.

Learn 40 of the top ways to use QR codes no matter what niche you are in, and reap the rewards. Start using QR codes today if you are looking for more traffic, customers and profits for your business.

40 Ways to Use QR Codes For Mobile Marketing



Jeff Hamilton, from an academic family, has climbed the corporate ladder to become a director of technology at a Fortune 100 firm. He is the author of several popular titles on finance and technology and contributes regularly to a variety of websites, including the Technology-Leadership blog.

Andrew Simon has worked in some of the top financial houses and technology-focused companies in the world for over a decade. He is one of the leading consultants at Technology-Leadership.com and is currently working to expand the capabilities of Android-based Smartphones.

Joan Mullally has worked in print publishing for almost 20 years and digital publishing for fifteen. She has worked in online marketing full-time for over a decade and has served as one of the top marketing consultants for Accent Marketing Group Inc.

Joan’s emphasis is on using technology and her extensive marketing experience to help start-up businesses launch, expand and grow successfully. Her ability to analyze websites and then metrics also enables her to turn around companies that are not making the most of their online presence, and help them improve their conversion rates.

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