Jun 13

5 Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Website 1

A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a major part of their traffic.

Browsers are just that, browsing. If you have a good website, they will be able to navigate through it easily, and be interested in what you have to say.

Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers, because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site.

The credibility issue just melts away, and they are willing to do business with you.

Branding experts say it takes at least 17 exposures for people to start forming an impression of a brand. And many more to develop loyalty to it.

Thus, if you keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following methods suggested in this series of articles, you will convert browsers into buyers with increasing success, and boost your bottom line.

With any luck, you will also be able to gain from word of mouth sales.

1) Start a forum, chatroom or shoutbox

When you start a forum, chatroom or shoutbox, you are providing your visitors a place to voice their opinions and interact with their peers — all of them are visitors of your site.

As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow and your visitors will come back to your site almost religiously every day.

Another advantage is that you are gaining readable content, and even better, keyworded content which will help more people find you through the search engines.

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