Nov 22

Angel Investors 8

Your business plan continued

Your marketing plan
ß overall strategy
ß pricing
ß advertising
ß promotion
ß distribution

Design and development plans
ß product/service improvement
ß new products/services

Manufacturing and operations plans
ß geographic location
ß facilities
ß capacity improvements

Management team
ß organization overview
ß biographies
ß compensation plans for key employees

Financial plan
ß tax returns
ß profit and loss forecasts
ß pro forma cash flow analysis
ß balance sheets
ß 5-year projections

Proposed company offering
ß desired financing
ß securities offering
ß capitalization
ß timetable

All of these elements in your business plan are important, but there is more to dealing with a prospective angel investor than handing them a huge stack of papers.

Most of all, take your time in forming a relationship with an angel. You are going to be spending a number of years together at a critical time in your business’ life.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to assure yourself that this is a person whom you are comfortable with not only during the ‘honeymoon phase’ of the relationship, but will be able to work with  through both the ups and downs the future will inevitably bring.

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