May 28

Beating the Competition With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 10

The importance of being relevant

A further consideration is that the keywords be relevant. So in other words, don’t hyperlink the words Click here in the phrase Click here for more information on high blood pressure, hyperlink the phrase high blood pressure.  You can also use alt and title tags in your links as well to boost your keywords.  (see our basic HTML primer if you are not sure how to do this)

Specific, well-written and presented, and well-organized and metatagged content pages will increase your position on the search engines. .Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time on it, and that it is just one of your strategies for driving traffic to your site, because as we said, search engines can and do chance their algorithms quite often, and if you lose your traffic stream, you lose your chance to make money.

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