May 21

Beating the Competition With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 3

How will people find you? Keywords.
You types a word into the search engine’s search box, and it delivered a list of what it believed were relevant results, both organic, and PPC results.

So now, don’t just think of your main product, think of how other people would describe your product. Make a list of words and phrases a person would use to describe your product or service. The more words in the phrase, the more specific the results, and in many cases, you will find, the closer the searcher is to making a purchasing decision.

For example, one of our leading internet marketers has a $6m site selling wedding favors. There is a big difference between wedding favors, edible wedding favors, and cookie wedding favors. The person who types in cookie wedding favors is most likely to buy.

In the same way that a person who types in high blood pressure meter, versus Omron HEM-790IT, is much closer to a purchase decision when they type in the latter.

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