May 27

Beating the Competition With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 9

More keyword tricks of the trade
You can also use breadcrumbs to cram your page with keywords. They are the little words you usually see on the top of a page which helps you situate yourself on the site.

For example:
Wedding Favors > Edible Wedding Favors > Cookie Wedding Favors
These are all breadcrumbs that show you the path you came to the page from, or, if you have arrived from a search engine, what pages above you might be interested in. If you saw a set of breadcrumbs like this, you would be on the cookie wedding favors page. All of these terms can be hyperlinked to the other pages, sch as Edible, or not.

Hyperlinking keywords also gives you more credit in terms of the search engines, so we would suggest that you do hyperlink meaningfully wherever possible.  Yes, you will end up with a lot of pages on your site. But they can also be more keyword specific.

In addition, make sure you name your niches correctly. These are all keywords too. Your category pages, corporate information, product and service descriptions, all use keywords. So do your pictures, as we mentioned above, as well as charts or illustrations. Your entire website organization and navigation is based on keywords, so if you are just getting started with a website you might want to brainstorm what categories are going to be your main ones, and build them deeper and deeper, or, you can choose about 5, and build your site broadly, then deeply.

If you already have a website, you might want to look again at how you have organized your material. Is it easy to find and navigate? If not, look to your keywords to see if you can smooth out the browsing experience for your visitor,

Just keep in mind that thanks to SEO, your site traffic will be coming from the search engines. Which means, in essence, that EVERY page on your site has the chance to be a home page. Keeping that in mind, look at your site again for clarity and persistent site wide navigation so that anyone can find their way easily through your site from one page to the next.

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