Jun 09

Blocking Spyware and Adware 1

Many of us use computers in our daily lives, for all aspects of our life, from our job to to keeping our personal life organized, to socializing and entertainment.

Computers are created to help us in our workday tasks, but as we spend more and more time online, they can seem more of a blessing than a curse. More of a waste of time than a time saver.

Many of us use computers to help with homework, do research, download and play music and video games, watch movies and surf the internet.

While we love surfing the internet for news, shopping and downloads, there are increasing numbers of dangers which can infect our computers and make them ineffective, even to the point of not being able to start.

Everyone has heard of computer viruses, but the dangers we are referring to here often masquerade as spyware and adware.

To prevent these menaces you can now find spyware and adware blockers, which stop information from passing through from your computer to them, and vice versa, the delivering packets of information which can then harm your computer.

Before you start looking for spyware and adware blockers, let’s be clear about what  it is we are trying to block.

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