Jun 10

Blocking Spyware and Adware 2

Spyware, as the name suggests, spies on your computer in various ways. It can be relatively innocent, such as keeping track of what you have searched for at the Amazon site,  in order to serve up topics and products you are interested in, to make more intuitive suggestions about what you want, to programs which gather all sorts of information about your computer activities and report back to the spying site. They might be looking for personal information, passwords, and other things which can enable identity or other types of theft from your computer.

Adware is basically a type of free advertising which is conducted over the internet. This advertising can be seen on various internet pages which you may have visited or are about to visit. These ads come up without your even clicking on any dialog box to access them. You will sometimes see these adware items as popup boxes, which can be in some cases very hard to get rid of. they often just keep popping more boxes, and can seriously interrupt your search and waste your time.

The companies which produce these adware items make a lot of money by putting their products on the internet for people to see and download for free.  Not all of it is in your face pop up interruption marketing.

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