Jun 12

Blocking Spyware and Adware 4

You will find many popular software programs for adware blockers. In some cases, your computer may even have come pre-loaded with a anti-spyware or adware software.

The most common brands include Norton Antivirus and McAfee VirusScan. They also block viruses, and you need to usually upload updates to keep your computer up to date.

As we said, many of these come preloaded for free for a limited trial on your new computer, or you can buy the software in the store, upload it, and then go online for updates.

However, they tend to be cheaper if you just choose the download option. Once you download it, you can set it to check regularly for updates, or you can choose to check manually.

The automatic updates can be very annoying if you are eager to get started with your work when you turn on your computer, or if you have a slow modem connection.

The downside of choosing to get your updates manually is that you have to remember to do it, leaving you potentially unprotected if the program does not have a scheduler, or you choose to ignore it.

One thing is for sure, though, as more and more of us spend an increasing amount of time on the internet, spyware and adware blockers are a useful tool to have to protect your computer and your personal information, and keep your internet surfing running smoothly.

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