May 18

Blogging with WordPress Part 10

Your blog-personal, business, or both?
If your blog is just a place for you to let  off steam and chat, it probably does not make any difference how funky the design is.
If you are using it for corporate purposes, you will most likely need to tweak some of the templates to get your company colors and logo onto the site in a consistent manner.
A third thing to consider would be making money from your site even if it is a personal one, or you are only a small business.
Most people go the Adsense route, where they host Pay Per click ads for google in exchange for a portion of the revenue. We are talking pennies. Of course, if you had enough pages, ads and clicks, it could ad up, and it is not that difficult to administer.
Or, you could monetize your site by going the affiliate route, where you sell a product or service for another company, like Amazon, for a percentage of the revenue.
You can go directly to the vendors, or, you can go to a place like Commission Junction, which has thousands of programs, with most of them easy to apply for through the Commission Junction interface.
Just make sure that if you do decide to run ads on your site, that you make them keyword and subject specific, because you will find in the world of advertising that everything has to do with context. If you are serving up ads related to the thing they were searching for, say, Ireland, and you are offering a buy one get one free deal on travel books from Lonely Planet, that is something they might be interested in, and you would get a percentage of the sale just for adding a link to your page/s.
Please visit the affiliate area for more information on affiliate programs.

Whatever your reasons for blogging, if you wish to just do it as a hobby, great. It can be a lot of fun.

If you wish to use it as part of your overall corporate strategy,  you will need to fee the beast with content regularly.  Please see our SEO section of this site for an overview of what Search Engine Optimization is and what it can do for you.

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