May 14

Blogging with WordPress Part 6

More helpful hints  in using WordPress
In the presentation tab, you will see two basic themes, Blue Kubrick default, and the grey wordpress classic. That is enough to get you started for now, if you want to start getting content up so you can start building traffic quickly.

If you want to choose another theme from the many that they have available, you can consider it at another time,  When you are ready to consider a theme and overall design, here are some hints and tips.

Design issues to consider

Not all themes have widgets, but they are very handy in order to construct your navigation bar with a series of building blocks. We recommend you have a search box prominently showing at the site, a list of recent posts, and your list of categories. A calendar and list of links are optional.  The basic wordpress themes, Blue Kubrik and Classic also have a section called Meta, links to useful wordpress related urls. All of this is optional, and easily got rid of using the widget feature.
Your upload will include links to other people as well; make sure you delete these so you are not losing traffic.

Posts versus pages
Posts are dynamic, pages are static, like any other web page.

Using a static home page
You might want to use a static home page, rather than a list of the latest postings, with the most recent one on top. Go into settings and then choose the reading tab to set this. There is an about page already set as a sample, so you can select that as the static page if you like, and go edit it.
The Manage menu will be the one you use most often.  Remember that underneath it are the posts and then the pages tab, and you would click on Pages, and then the About  page that you wanted to edit, to create a customized home page of your site, if you chose to opt for a static home page.

You might decide to go beyond one of the two themes preloaded by WordPress. There are over 1800 free themes at the time of writing this, but a couple of considerations might be kept in mind.
Readability-white background a good idea
Color-not too much black or wild color schemes
Columns 1 2 3 or more-we suggest 2 to keep it clean looking.
Right or left hand navigation –either is now acceptable so choose an overall design that reflects your blog
Internal Pages showing as links-can make a page look cluttered. Down the right hand mavigation fine, otherwise, omit.
You may need to run through several themes til you find one that works well for you. Just make sure that you unzip them from the archive file correctly so all the php components will be able to talk to each other correctly and the theme and all artwork will look attractive.
The themes and blogs run in PHP languge and pull pre-set components into the page to create it. They are editable if you know what you are doing. If you make a mistake, don’t worry.  You can always go back to the original zipped theme and reload the template you messed up.

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