May 15

Blogging with WordPress Part 7

Content issues to consider

How often should you post?
At least once a week. Ideally, 3  x per week.

How long should your blog posts be?
No more than 300-500 words.  If it is a long article, split it up.

What the post is about. You can create categories in the manage section. Just think of your blog as a giant filing cabinet, and you want to help organize your writing so you and other people can find it.

Queueing up your posts
The greatest thing about WordPress is that you can load up about a month’s worth of content in only a few hours by making sure you edit the date stamp. Choose how frequently you want to post, and set the dates for when the articles will appear.  Once you hit publish, it will wait in the queue until that date rolls around.
Blogs that are regularly updated, and served up as an RSS feed, definitely attract the search engines.

RSS feeds
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. A person can accept your feed on their site and your article with a headline and a small summary will appear as ‘news’ on their site.

It is a good idea to link and be linked to by reputable sites, because the search engines will notice this. They also give ‘extra credit’ to sites that are linked to by other blogs. There are a lot of blog search engines now, so it is possible your blog and postings will be found a lot faster than you ever imagined once you launch.

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