May 16

Blogging with WordPress Part 8

Business considerations

Launch strategy for your blog
If you want to get picked up by the search engines, plan to post every day for a week when you launch, and regularly thereafter.

Blogging is not for everyone
In order to be a succcessful blogger, you really need a lot of content and something to say. Some do it daily, others, as we said, line up their postings.

If you are not prepared with a lot of content, your blog can easily start getting neglected and look bare. The internet is littered with abandoned blogs.

So if you do plan on blogging, like we said, take your longer articles and split them up into parts of 300-500 words and plan your frequency of posting

You can also get content from freelancers, and free article repositories, as well as purchase articles with reprint rights. Please see the Content category at this site for more information on how to find content for your blog if you are not able to produce all of it yourself.

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