Sep 27

Build security into your systems part 4

Considerations when hosting files on a database server
Keep the following points in mind when hosting databases on a server:
•If you enable remote access, be sure to require a password.
•Store files on a local server (not on network directories). One of the most important performance factors is reading and writing data quickly to disk.
•Disable file sharing or ensure that files hosted by the server cannot be accessed directly by users.
If a file can be copied from a file server, it is vulnerable to attack “off line.” For example, group names for accounts authenticated with the external server feature are stored as text strings. So if the group name is reproduced on another system, the copied file can be accessed with the privilege set assigned to the members of the group, which might expose your data inappropriately.
•Suppressing a filename is not a replacement for using accounts and privileges to protect a file.

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