Sep 29

Build security into your systems part 5

Web publishing security considerations
Any databases enable you to publish to your intranet or the Internet, so that users can browse, search, and update the databases using web browser software. This introduces more risk than sharing files with other clients on the server.
Tips and considerations when designing databases for web publishing
1. Define accounts and privilege sets.
•Protect all files with user names and passwords. You can create a Guest account, which logs in with a default user name and password, if it’s not practical to use unique accounts for clients.
However, this makes your file available to anyone who has the IP address or domain name of the computer hosting the database.
•Assign privileges to modify data and database structure only if necessary.
•Enable only the required web publishing extended privileges.
2. If you are updating your database, make sure all of your security protocols transfer over and are still in place. Don’t take it for granted that you have migrated it from one to the next.
3. With some databases, you can only publish files on the web from the host computer.
4. In some databases, all layouts are available to web users, based on their accounts. You can restrict layouts for accounts with privilege sets, but you should not rely on layouts for security. Manage access to data with tables, records, fields, scripts and value lists for the best security.

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