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Nov 11

Asset Management Essentials 4

3. Greed versus Need In any plan for investing, you should always set clear goals and guide your decisions on what you need rather than what you want. What are your investment goals? A house, a car, college tuition, retirement? Your goals and how long or short term they are will also help you determine …

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Nov 10

Asset Management Essentials 3

2. Diversify your portfolio This is the golden rule that asset managers go by. Diversification means that you need to put investments in more than one product and not in one investment product. The yield can be good but it isn’t worth it to risk your entire savings in one go. If your asset manager …

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Nov 09

Asset Management Essentials 2

1. There are a lot of scams and con artists in the world Greed can make people do things that they will not normally do. This is a sad fact of life that you need to know before you start hiring somebody to handle your assets and properties. Keeping this in mind before hire any …

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Nov 08

Asset Management Essentials 1

Asset management seems like a fancy term for people who are not much into investing and into business but the truth is, it is something that all people need in order to survive the rising costs of living and inflation rates. The concept is actually similar in a way to putting the money that you …

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Nov 07

Asset Management in Business 2

The economics of asset management So now let’s look at the economics of asset management: These vessels earn about $2,000 per hour when they are operational. Time literally was money in this case. (That would be at least $20k an hour at present day prices). The failure of an exhaust valve would mean stopping the …

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