Aug 08

Database security 101 Part 1

One of the most wonderful things about computers is the ability to create databases that can be used individually, shared on a peer-to-peer basis, shared using a specific proprietary server, or shared within an intranet or with Internet users.

While this can be wonderfully convenient on a number of levels, your data is a vital part of your work and your company, and something that you will not want to risk losing or having damaged.

Therefore, it is critical that you think about what data is being shared, what types of vulnerabilities exist, and how to protect data and database files.

In some cases, data is not particularly sensitive, business-critical, or confidential. The software itself might be used by one individual in a secure location, or in an open, trusting environment where security considerations are not a concern.

In most cases, however, data is business-critical or sensitive, and you should take steps from the outset to protect it.

Therefore, when choosing a database solution for your company, you should plan and implement security measures in all phases of design, testing, and deployment of your database.

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