Aug 10

Database security 101 Part 2

Security goals
There are three general issues to consider in protecting your database and the information you plan to store:
• Privacy
• Integrity
• Availability
Privacy of data
When designing and deploying any database, you have a responsibility to ensure that unauthorized people cannot access the data, particularly if it is business-proprietary information.
Integrity of data
You will want to design or implement a system which is open enough to allow authorized users to create and update data, while preventing unintentional changes. You should also plan to restrict access to any unauthorized people who might try to copy or tamper with the files. Hackers and cybervandals might attempt to access your information systems and steal corporate assets if they think they can get away with it.
Availability of data
Databases should only be available to users as necessary. Database designers and network administrators must consider not only hackers, but also employees who have more access than is critical. When designing your system, only grant access both to data and to specific features to those who really need it. Do not enable any sharing options, like web publishing, unless it is necessary.

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