Aug 20

Database security 101 Part 7

If the administrator is not on top of things, there will be a high risk of unintentional threats caused by inadequate operating system security and poor backup techniques. Poor network security increases the risk of intentional threats, particularly if files are shared over the web, or on a wireless network without security built in.

Risks are also introduced if shared files are accessed from file servers instead of using the built-in network sharing. Employees can make inappropriate copies of the files, and can introduce accidental or intentional record locking. You will face potential corruption issues when files are shared by inappropriate means or by not  following the correct protocols.

If there is poor physical security in the office or whilst travelling or working at home, the computers/laptops/PDAs can be stolen and mined for data.

And of course, the more sensitive or proprietary the data, the more likely you are to be vulnerable to attack, simply by virtue of the fact that what you have is worth stealing.

By taking the appropriate steps at the outset when getting your database set up, you will be able to ensure a safe a fully functional database system.

If you already have a database system in place, but feel it needs improvement, assess your risks and threats, and what you can do about plugging the holes quickly and effectively.

In our next series of articles on database security, we will give you a top 10 list of things you can do to protect your data.

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