Feb 14

Delete Continuum Build Results v.1.3 and up

PROBLEM: When Apache Continuum Build Results tab has

too many entries, you get “Error 500” trying to open the page. Since you cannot

open the page, you cannot delete entries that are causing the problem in the

first place.

Since Apache Continuum 1.4.X does not support shell projects (it complains about

missing fields which you cannot update through the UI), moving to Apache 1.4.X is

not always an option; not until that bug is fixed, presumably in version 1.4.2

with a release date TBD.

If you don’t want to compile the continuum-xmlrpc-client with a class to purge

build results, you can connect to derby and delete the records that way. I

already knew SQL pretty well, then learned enough derby db to pull this off.

These steps are completely undocumented, until now:

1) Shut down Apache Continuum

2) Make a backup of {CONTINUUM_HOME}/data/databases/continuum

3) Download and install Apache Derby

4) Export DERBY_HOME (e.g. export DERBY_HOME=/usr/local/db-derby-

5) Set the connection variables: $DERBY_HOME/bin/setEmbeddedCP

6) Run the ‘ij’ program shipped Apache Derby: $DERBY_HOME/bin/ij .

7) At the prompt, connect to the database:

ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:path_to_continuum_dir_above';

NOTE: the single quotes are required, otherwise it will not connect


9) ij> exit;

10) Start Apache Continuum

That’s it. ENJOY!

-by Andrew S.

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