Oct 27

Do It Yourself Asset Management 4

5. World view

Keep track of what is going on in the world economically.

Also, know where you fit in the world. What is your tolerance for risk? How much time do you realistically have to spend on keeping an eye on your assets and managing them?

What tools can you use to grow your wealth? The computer can be one of the best investment tools you can find.

As of the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, the world started to break down into two classes of people: (1) those that are computer literate and (2) those that are unemployed.

Think about that and where you stand in “The Big Picture.”

If you don’t know something, LEARN. Do your research, and learn. After all, your biggest investment in life will ultimately be you. And the one person who wants to enrich you most in the world is also you.

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