Oct 29

Do It Yourself Asset Management 6

7. Ask other people for advice

Do not be ashamed to ask people for advice or recommendations. Start with the people that you know. Ask friends or colleagues. If you know people who are good in business, approach them. They will be wells of information.

This is because they are probably doing their investing themselves and will know business investments that are really working well for them.

Plus, these people in the industry are the first to know about stock news and gossips; so you will have first knowledge of many of the trends before they hit.

Ask them what’s the latest stock that they bought or what investment opportunities they know that can yield a lot of money.

Even if they are not doing asset management themselves, they can probably mention a couple of companies or investment funds that their managers recommended.

This way, you are benefitting from asset managers’ wisdom and expertise without having to pay a high fee.

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