Nov 03

Essential Features in a Resume 1

Each resume contains required elements that every employer will expect you to include.

Most of your time should be spent completing these parts carefully and fully. Don’t worry at this point if you are over your two page limit. Get it all down in writing, and then you can selectively edit and cut out what you don’t need, depending on the job you are applying for.

That is the beauty of computers and word-processing programs!
Just make sure you go to SAVE AS and save your different versions of your resume with meaningful descriptions.

A career objective can focus you and help you write a tight, well-focused resume. Each statement in your resume should reflect your objective.

Write a summary statement to show why you are the best candidate for your desired job. The summary statement is a
place to highlight your past accomplishments. Emphasize the
professional characteristics that make you stand out.

Your contact information tells the employer who you are and
how to contact you for additional information. This is essential
in setting up an interview, via phone, email, or in person.

Your education background shows your academic
achievements and fields of study.

Include information on any licenses you may hold that fulfill
state legal requirements.

List your certifications to indicate your specialized expertise
in a particular field.

Your work experience tells the employer where you have
worked and what you have done.

Your results in given situations, to illustrate your experience.

Your skills list that shows what abilities you have related to your
desired job.

We will discuss each of these in more detail in the next articles in this series.

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