Nov 12

Essential Features in a Resume 10


Do not provide contact information for those current or previous employers you do not want contacted by your potential employer. This is especially true if you are looking to jump ship without telling anyone at your company.

If applicable, contact the personnel department of your current employer to inform them they may be contacted for purposes of verifying your employment.

You should assume a potential employer will thoroughly research your work history based on the information you provide.

Certain companies have rules and regulations about what information they will provide. Often they will do no more than confirm factual information like dates.

It will therefore be up to you to secure a letter of recommendation which speaks directly of your skills, contributions and experience.

If you are on the outs with your boss, try to think of any other person working with you directly, a client, higher up superior, and so on, who can directly comment on your professionalism.

Never diss your boss—say there are professional differences of opinion and leave it at that if you are called upon for any explanation.

If you are blessed enough to have multiple references, include only those most relevant.

Always make sure you put them on a separate page from your resume, so you can update it frequently and only offer it when you have got closer to the interview and potential hiring stage.

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