Nov 13

Essential Features in a Resume 11

Employers review skill sets when considering job applicants. A worker with the ability to step into a position with minimal training often gets the job when time and training budgets are tight.

Describing your skills can sometimes be difficult. List the skills you possess that are relevant to the position you are seeking. They should be ranked by importance to the potential position.

For example, if it is a sales job, selling and marketing will be more important than complex problem solving or critical thinking.

If you are new to the workforce, or making a career transition, your list of relevant skills may be brief. If you lack related skills, you can emphasize the “soft” skills you possess (such as organization and communication).

Being a good people person and team player with a good work ethic can often go a long way as compared with the egomaniac who is like a wind-up toy charging to his or her goal without regard for anyone else.

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