Nov 06

Essential Features in a Resume 4

Contact Information
Your contact information serves two purposes. It tells the employer who you are and how to contact you for additional information, or to set up an interview, so you want to make sure that it is easy for a prospective employer to contact you directly or leave a message to which you can respond the same day.

Only provide information you are ready and willing for potential employers to use.

Make yourself available for their calls, and check your answering machine (or voice mail) and e-mail on a regular basis. Be ready to go in for an interview at a moment’s notice.

Stand out
Let employers notice and remember your name by using a larger font, all CAPITAL letters, and/or a bold-faced font. Use your full first and last name. Your middle name or initial is optional. Do not use nicknames.

Be sure to include your full address. Except for your state, spell out all abbreviations.

Supply a phone number where you can be reached at all times. If you prefer, you can include a day and home phone number, a cell phone number, and/or a pager number. Always include the area code.

If you include multiple numbers, provide a descriptive title for each (e.g., Phone, Cell, Fax). Limit it to 2 so you don’t take up too many lines at the top of your resume.

Email address
Provide an e-mail address that you can access from both home and work, if possible. Keep in mind that employer-provided e-mail accounts may be monitored, and it is very unprofessional to appear to be doing work using your current company’s resources and time.

You should therefore use a personal e-mail account for contact purposes. Set up one quickly and easily for free at yahoo or gmail and make sure it has an appropriate wording. BigDaddy or Hotmama are not going to make quite the impression you might wish!

Make sure the e-mail address you provide sounds professional.
If you provide information on a web page, update your page on a regular basis.

Make sure employers cannot access personal parts of your web site. Only provide information you are willing to share with employers.

Also, clean up your online act as far as possible. Over 30% of human resources departments will search for your name online to see what they can find. If you would not be ashamed to show it to your mom or dad, fine. If not, delete it or make the pages private.

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