Nov 08

Essential Features in a Resume 6

Occupational Licensure
Occupational licensure is important in many fields, particularly technical and health industries.

License requirements apply to specific occupations, many dealing with public health and safety. They are regulated by the states or Federal government.

License requirements vary by state. If a license is required by your state, unlicensed practice of an occupation is a criminal offense.

Licenses Examples:
Pennsylvania RN, RN-111111-L, Exp. 12/08
Certified CPR instructor, Name of institution/State, 12/07– current

Pennsylvania CDL Class A with Tanker, and HazMat

Depending upon the type of license, you may need to renew your credentials on an annual or semi-annual basis. If your license has lapsed, you may leave it out of your resume. You may also indicate the beginning and ending time period (month and year) you were actively licensed.

If you are licensed to practice in multiple states, be sure to list each state. Although it is not required to include a copy of your license with your resume, be prepared to show the original to a prospective employer when you are interviewed, or are going to accept the job.

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