Nov 10

Essential Features in a Resume 8

Work Experience

This is the most important section of any resume. The others were fine-tunings, of the resume, but this part must really be clear, concise, and stand out.

Your work history reveals prior dates of employment and positions held with previous employers. It gives prospective employers a quick view of your employment patterns, experience, and career progression.

When providing your work history, be accurate with starting and ending dates, job titles, and employer contact information.

If you have gaps in your employment history, be prepared to explain them during an interview.

A large gap in your work history, such as time off to raise a family, can also be addressed in your cover letter.

If applicable and relevant, you should include volunteer activities and unpaid internships, although paid work experience should take precedence.

If you are a college student seeking first-time employment, list any work experience you may have. This work may include volunteering and internships during college, high school, and summer breaks.

It can also include sports and other school clubs.

This will let employers know you have had exposure to a structured work environment.

Work Experience
Friendly Markets – Pittsburgh, PA 9/8/2007 – present
Inventory Assistant, part-time

ACME Corporation – Burbank, CA 4/23/2001 – 7/16/2005
Product Tester

For the chronological resume, start with the present, and work your way backwards.

For the combined, do the same, especially if you have switched careers. Start with the material which is most relevant to the job you are currently applying for.

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