Jun 21

Free anti-spyware 3

Why are these programs free, then, you might ask, as compared with Norton AntiVirus and McAfee? Well, because they don’t have the same broad spectrum of things to protect from, and don’t send you autodownloads of the new definitions when you turn on your computer.

This can actually be quite an annoying feature of these programs if you want to get your computer powered up and get working fast. It can also cause a total log jam if you have a slow modem.

On the other hand it can stop things like the vastly irritating instant updated for Firefox I get on my computer whether I want the upgrade or not–and I usually don’t, because we know how buggy the new version is going to be, until people like myself email to complain and tell them what’s wrong and how to fix it.

But if you want some level of safety from spyware, adware and other malware, by all means try some of the free blocker programs.

And always follow the software upload rule of thumb. No matter how many new programs you want to upload on your computer, always start with just one, make sure it works and your computer is acting fine, then consider adding another one. Don’t load up 10 at once and then try to figure out what caused your Word to totally stop working.

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