Jun 23

Generating Revenue at Your Website with Good Web Design 2

Why do you want a website?

To sell product?
Generate leads?
Inform and educate?

All of the above?

In which case, which is your main goal?

I would suggest to you that making money is always going to be your main goal, if only to make sure the website pays for itself.

The crucial point in planning your site is to be sure of what your goals are.

Also, let’s be practical. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. Every website has a cost, whether it be registering the domain name, paying for hosting, getting content, and your time and effort. Even if you were to just pay yourself a minimum wage, how much is your time worth?

We have all heard of consultants who charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per hour for their time. Think of billable hours in a law firm. What results are you getting each hour of your work day? What value do you place on your expertise, and the information you are able to offer at your site.

If you are selling a paid product, you know how much you are charging, versus how much the unit price is. The difference is your profit. But if you are spending hours on your site, or on pay per click, just to get one sale, well, you are biting into your own profits.

So make a few assumptions when you start planning your site. One is to capture leads, and the other is to look at ways of optimizing your site for revenue in multiple streams.

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