Jun 24

Generating Revenue at Your Website with Good Web Design 3

Now we will look at ways to design your site with earning revenue in mind.

To get started with your web design, list of the things you want to sell. Or, if you are just getting started, what do you plan to sell, and what other products can you find that are related to what you plan to sell?

If you can find affiliate programs with other products which complement your own, great.

Also consider having affiliates yourself, a whole network of people who will all be trying to sell your product as well, in return for a percentage of the profits.

There are a number of different ways of doing this, but the main places to get set up as an affiliate is with Commission Junction for physical products, and Clickbank or PayDotCom for digital products.

Once you are set up in their system, you can search all of the affiliate programs based on keywords. You can be sure to find a few products that you might be eligible to promote, and interested in promoting (different companies have different rules and terms of service, especially Commission Junction).

You might even consider selling products that are related to your products. Or even sell for the competition-after all, if you can’t beat them, join them! It will not be the same level of income as it would be to sell your own products, but some of them can pay excellent commissions.

Digital products are easiest of all to sell, and again, you should be able to rely on good customer support with all of these sites, so that all you mainly have to focus on are website design and promotion and the products you are offering your customers should almost sell themselves if the companies you are working with are reputable and have good products.

Good website design is all about people being able to use the site, find what they are looking for, and being so pleased with the site that they want to come again.

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