Jun 25

Generating Revenue at Your Website with Good Web Design 4

Once you have decided what you are going to sell, divide your site into major categories, organized by sub-categories, and then particular items.

Start building the category pages, sub-cats, and then the pages themselves.
Whenever you add a new item, all you will have to do is add a new page and update either the category or sub-cat pages.

For example, you might have a “food” section, an “accommodation” section and an “entertainment” section for a tourism site.

You can then write and publish relevant articles in the respective category sections to attract a stream of traffic that comes looking for further information.

Within each of these sub-categories, you could make further divisions, such as 5 star hotels all the way down to camping sites in the accommodation section, for example.

Or the example we have given in the past:

Wedding Favors -> Edible Wedding Favors -> Cookie Wedding Favors
Chocolate Wedding Favors
Mint Wedding Favors
Mini Wedding Cake Wedding Favors
Candy Wedding Favors
Jordan Almond Wedding Favors
M & M Wedding Favors
Dove Wedding Favors

Where Wedding Favors is the category
Edible Wedding Favors the sub-category
Chocolate Wedding Favors is a sub-sub category
and M & M Wedding Favors
Dove Wedding Favor
are products within that sub-sub category

Again, a person searching for Chocolate or Dove Wedding Favors is that many steps closer to making a purchase than someone who has just typed in Wedding Favors.

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