Jun 26

Generating Revenue at Your Website with Good Web Design 5

The Joys of Templates

You can template each page to run a certain number of ads, for example a banner at the top and bottom, and some skyscrapers on the side, all linked to affiliate programs you have joined.

Once you create the page template for each of your sections, just open the template, click Save As, and rename the page, then add your new content. All the ads are already in place, the breadcrumbs too, so all you have to do is add the name of the new page to the breadcrumbs, and you are ready to publish and add it to the site with links.

Just a reminder-what are breadcrumbs?

Each of your main navigation areas should have a main page, and within each of those pages, the user can drill down deeper to another level or two of topics or articles. Each category main and sub-category pages will be linked to each other, and there will be a breadcrumb at the top and bottom of each page with these hyperlinks.

So for example, Wedding Favors -> Edible Wedding Favors -> Cookie Wedding Favors
Chocolate Wedding Favors
Mint Wedding Favors
Mini Wedding Cake Wedding Favors
Candy Wedding Favors
Jordan Almond Wedding Favors
M & M Wedding Favors
Dove Wedding Favors

and so on are all example of level 3 breadcrumbs.

You would have content on each page, and if you are a savvy affiliate marketer, you would have links to each of those products from the page, a union of content with contextual advertising which will be far more persuasive than blinking banners,

Also notice how specific these keywords are. The person who is searching for cookie wedding favors is three steps closer to a purchase than the person who types in wedding favors in the search engine.

So you are actually doing your visitor a favor by bringing them even closer to what they are searching for with an appropriate ad link.

It does help if you know something about the products you are trying to sell, but it is not required. For example, anyone can get into the wedding favor selling area through one top website that is worth over $6m a year.

Is 10-25% of $6m worth having? You bet!

The only thing you are gambling, so to speak, is time to set up the program, your piece of real estate, the time it takes to write or find appropriate content, and any pay per click you might want to do to drive traffic to the site.

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