Jun 29

Generating Revenue at Your Website with Good Web Design 8

Advertising on the Internet will bear more results than in magazines or offline media because they are more precisely targeted based on keywords.

So you should plan your website from the start to enable you to tapping into this lucrative stream of profit right away, as soon as you launch.

Plan out the appropriate places for your banners, skyscrapers, text links, and start populating them with appropriate ads from your affiliates.

For affiliate opportunities, or to sell your products through affiliate programs, visit Commission Junction www.cj.com or ClickBank www.clickbank.com

One other advantage is that the internet is much faster than the offline world, and more trackable too. You will see within 24 hours if your new ad campaign or pages are working, because people will be voting with their clicks, and from clicks to conversion, moving from browser to buyer, for your products, or your affiliates’.

Either way, you will win if you plan to build your ad and monetization strategy right into your web design from the start.

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