Oct 27

Getting Started Writing your Resume 1

The hardest part of building a resume can be gathering all the information together. Get out a calendar, old pay stubs, diplomas, and so on, anything that helps give you a chronological order of what you were doing when.

You will be writing your resume over and over again, so it does not have to be perfect to start with. The main thing is to start getting the details organized.

Or, if you already have a resume, keeping it up to date, and editing it as appropriate, depending on what job you are applying for. You may find that you have several different versions of your resume, which emphasise your different skills sets.

Provide examples of challenges you faced and problems you solved. Emphasize the positive! Show how you have contributed significantly to any company which has employed you.

Maintain Focus – Develop a concise job objective or summary statement that shows how the position matches your career goals, and vice versa.

It is not vital that you include this statement on your resume, but make sure the rest of your resume reflects this objective. You will not stand out if it looks as though you did not even read the ad, you just sent out the resume.

You can also address the job requirements more specifically in the cover letter, but the resume will be evaluated side by side along with those of the other candidates, so you want to stand out from the outset in all areas of the job application process.

Be Accurate – Avoid misrepresentation of your abilities. When they talk to your references, it will soon become clear whether you were exaggerating, or outright lying. Don’t do it.

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