Oct 29

Getting Started Writing your Resume 3

Choose Your Design and Layout Carefully
Use readable fonts and make every word count.

Make your space allocation count too. I know we said that you should confine your resume to no more than two pages, and a lot of people will tell you that one page is ideal.

You can manage to pack a lot onto one page if you use clever formatting. Make sure you leave an inch margin around the sides of the page, but for example, you don’t have to double space. Get more on a page and make it stand out with strategic bulleting and indentation.

Be Professional
Proofread your resume several times ON PAPER, not on the screen, and have a friend do the same.

If sending a hard copy, print your resume with a quality printer on high-grade paper. Use white or cream only, no other outrageous colors, or paper that is too textured.

If you are sending via email, make sure you follow their instructions. Some will want it in Microsoft word, as an attachment, others as a plain text copy and paste into the body of an email.

Make sure you follow any instructions you are given TO THE LETTER. This is the first hurdle to get over in applying for a new job.

Don’t Spam Employers

Sending more resumes does not guarantee more interviews. You have a better chance of winning an interview with a quality, targeted resume sent to a few employers than the scatter shot approach, which wastes everyone’s time and energy.

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