Nov 01

Getting Started Writing your Resume 6

Choose the type of resume that best suits your situation

Resume Types
There are four basic types of resumes: chronological, functional, combination, and curricula vitae (CVs), a list of your accomplishments, often used in academic circles.

Choose a format that best fits your experiences and industry or one that you are comfortable with. Ultimately, the choice of resume format is up to you.

Most head hunters will prefer a functional resume, many human resource departments will want a chronological one.

If unsure, use the format that you feel puts you and your experience in the best possible light, keeping in mind the reasons for using each type which we highlighted when we gave examples.

Again, to summarize:

Chronological resumes present information in a time line.

Functional resumes group work experience and skills by
skill area or job function, and are good for people looking for a career change.

Combination resumes highlight your skills and experiences in a clear chronology.

Curricula vitae (CVs) provide a detailed statement of your qualifications. They are only used in certain positions and industries.

You may not know which form each human resources person will prefer, however, you will know which one puts you in the best possible light for the position you are applying for, so have both under your belt just in case.

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