Nov 02

Getting Started Writing your Resume 7

Design and Presentation of Your Resume

Enhance the content of your resume with a professional presentation.

It is important to please the reader’s eye.

Short narratives work well in summary statements.

Bullets, keyword phrases, and indented paragraphs market your skills in an effective manner.

Avoid using color in your resume. Use bold, italic, and a readable font.

Guidelines to Better Presentation

Complete sentences are not necessary. Market yourself with action verbs, careful use of white space, and emphasis on indentation.

One-inch margins and a balance of content in the body make your resume more readable. Be consistent in all resume design, text, and
punctuation decisions. Be professional!

Key points to remember:

Use a readable font rather than one that is decorative.
Sans serif fonts tend to be easier to scan, serifed ones will fit more on the page.

Maintain font sizes between 10 and 14.

White is still considered the best choice of paper color. Avoid unnecessary graphics and shading.

Use laser printing on high quality paper. Make sure photocopies of your resume are clean and sharp.

Do not use overly textured or thick paper.

Email hints and tips

If you are sending it out via email, follow ALL instructions, and email your cover letter and resume together in one file. But also include the cover letter in the body of the email. (More about cover letters later).

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