Mar 21

Getting Your Business Ready for the Mobile Revolution: Why You Need to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly NOW

by Joan Mullally and Andrew Simon

The mobile revolution is already here, and gaining momentum. Mobile phones, Smartphones, tablet computers, note books, netbooks, mobile devices are all around us, and mobile device users are always on the go. They want to live their lives on their terms, and do it NOW.

From emailing to social networking, shopping to streaming videos, as mobile devices improve in terms of functionality and mobile carriers in terms of connectivity, people want to do more than ever on their convenient and portable mobile device.

So how mobile-friendly is YOUR business? From online Internet companies to bricks and mortar businesses, if you are not mobile-friendly, chances are you are missing out on the great opportunities that an eager and motivated mobile device user in your niche can bring your way.

In this special report, top marketing consultant Joan Mullally and mobile technologist Andrew Simon give you the facts you need to know about mobile so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to commit the time and effort to make your business more mobile-friendly.

You’ll get fascinating facts and startling statistics, plus an integrated plan for making mobile an new and integral part of your marketing plan.

Now that mobile phones, and Smartphones in particular, have gone from fun toy for a few gadget lovers to an essential tool for anyone who wants to stay connected throughout their busy day, you can’t afford to risk getting left behind in the mobile revolution.

Learn how to offer mobile users in your niche the kind of more mobile-friendly content they want and need, so that you can position your brand in front of the more than 5 billion people all over the world who use mobile devices.

Word count: 8,500 words


Joan Mullally has worked in digital publishing and as a marketing consultant for a wide range of firms for over 15 years, with expertise in the health, finance and small business niches. She has launched the Mobile Matters series of guides in order to help non-technical business owners make the most of the great new opportunities that mobile marketing offers.

Andrew Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones, the New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE Euronext. He is an avid follower of new and emerging mobile devices and is now perfecting the art of developing Android apps for his clients.

The Mobile Matters Series

Mobile Matters guides are designed to help you successfully navigate the world of mobile devices. Each guide is intended to distill what our expert team has been learning about mobile devices to help you learn more about the technology and what it means for your business in terms of marketing and revenue generation. The series will help you stay on the cutting edge no matter what your business niche.

They are ideal for newcomers to the world of mobile marketing, people just starting up their own businesses, and seasoned marketing professionals who need to get a better grasp of the possibilities of mobile-friendly business practices.

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