Jul 08

Google Reader 1

When the number of blogs you track becomes too much to manage, it’s time to look into installing a reader, including Google Reader.

A reader is a tool which functions as an aggregate.  It pulls all of your blogs and RSS subscriptions into one location.  All you have to do is open the reader, and your favorite blogs and websites are there waiting for you, with their most recent content ready for you to read.

A reader is a great time-saving device, eliminating the need to visit site after site to keep up to date, or subscribe to email alerts to help you do the same.  It’s not only an amazing time saver, it also makes it easy to see at a glance what content is valuable and what isn’t.

Google Reader is one of the easiest readers to use, and also one of the most popular.  Best of all, it’s free, and easy to install.

To use Google Reader you must use:

* Internet Explorer 6 or above

* Firefox 1.0+ or above

* Safari 1.3+

* Netscape 7.2+

* Mozilla 1.7+

You must also have or create a Google account, which will come with other robust tools like Gmail.  If you already use AdSense, Adwords, Gmail, or any other Google product you already have a Google account, and can access the reader from it.

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