Jul 15

Google Slap? Slap Google Back

Slap Google Back


Is coverage of the Google-Yahoo intended deal re advertising by Google on both networks.

If you have ever been slapped by Google, as I have just last week, where they would have shut me down had my Yahoo ads not been working (and they are still demanding $5 or $10 a click even though I have changed the supposedly offending pages!) I am a savvy professional getting huge click through and good sales, til they slapped me.

I changed the pages according to their supposed new criteria, they slapped me even harder, from $1 to $10 a click for things I was paying 3 or 4 cents for!!! It HAS TO stop.

I urge you to write to any of the congressmen involved in the hearings, especially if they are from your state, to tell them how you were slapped by Google and what the result was. The people who are deciding this don’t even know what a Google slap is, unless WE warn them.

I hate to agree with Brad Smith from Microsoft, but giving Google 90% of paid search when so many of us have been slapped, and WE are the savvy ones, is a licence to print money on Google’s part, and bankruptcy staring us in the face if there is no such thing a truly ‘relevant’ page any more, except what they CHOOSE to deem relevant.

J Mullally

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