Jul 05

How To Choose the Right Affiliate Management Program for Your Business, Part 3

affiliate programIn the last part of this article, we discussed the importance of tracking all affiliate sales correctly through the affiliate management platform you choose, and how you should look for one that permits integrated online payments so you do not have to cut checks for small payments.

Now we will look at several of the top affiliate marketing management programs, to help you decide which one is right for you.

Top Affiliate Management Programs to Try

There are several reputable affiliate management programs which you might want to try if you are eager to set up a lucrative affiliate program for your business.

ClickBank is the leader in delivering online downloadable products. They have integrated payment and a solid reputation. The set up fee per product is $49. The drawback is that it is for digital products only.

This is a great shopping cart system with built-in affiliate tracking. It has a very accurate tracking system, but you have to pay out affiliates manually. Generally use 1SC over ClickBank only if you have physical products as well as digital ones.

PDC is very similar to ClickBank, except that it allows tangible as well as digital products to be sold. It has fully integrated payments and a great interact for sorting all your products. You can even create shopping carts and multiple shopping carts for different stores with just a few clicks. We also like the really handy area they give for each product which allows you to give a full library of support material to your affilliate.

Its main benefit is that it processes sales and also pays out via PayPal instead of checks, which many affiliates prefer. You can email affiliates and communicate with each other easily and the interface is simple to use. There are no set up fees and the service is free; becoming a member can reduce your fees by about 20% per transaction (the current fee is $1 per transaction plus PayPal merchant account transaction fees.)

Infusion is the big player of affiliate tracking. It’s not built for beginning business people, however. You won’t really ever need to use Infusion until you’re grossing at least $5,000 a month.

Their system is very robust, allowing you to split out customer emails from prospect emails, to email affiliates directly, split test a host of different things and do just about anything you want. The set-up fees are around $1,000 and $200+ a month ongoing.

Each of these systems targets a different kind of user and business, so depending on where you are in your business in terms of how many people are in your company, how many affiliate you would like, and what kinds of products you are selling (digital or tangible) you will probably like PayDotCom the best until such time as your pay out levels put you in the InfusionSoft league.

Finally, do not give any affiliate marketing program an exclusive if you don’t have to. Many affiliates join different networks for different reasons and there are so many good ones now, why force anyone to use one over another?

Affiliate marketing can quickly grow your business provided you set up the program correctly and use the right tools to take care of your affiliate, so they will sell well for you.

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