Dec 08

Installing Google Global 1

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser, and have the need or desire to see Google search from different geographical locations,  Google Global allows you to view organic and paid Google search results as they appear in different countries, cities, regions, ZIP codes and IP addresses.

This is a particularly useful feature if you are an internet marketer wanting to run regional campaigns, for example, being an affiliate for a dating service. Or, wanting to set up a virtual mall of local businesses, and needing to scope out the competition and what kind of traffic you can hope for.

Presently there are two versions of Google Global, Version 1 and Version 2.

Version 2 is compatible with Firefox 3, and is a completely rewritten version, so it is not compatible with Version 1.

If you’ve already installed Version 1, but would like the 20 added features and benefits Version 2 offers, then you’ll need to uninstall Version 1 and Install Version 2.

Unlike most Firefox add ons, this one isn’t available from the Mozilla Firefox website.

To install you’ll need to visit the developer’s website at http://www.redflymarketing.com/blog/google-global-view-results-different-locations/

Click on the Install Now button, and follow the installation directions.  You’ll need to restart Firefox to begin using it.

Once your browser has restarted, you’ll see a menu listing all your present Firefox add ons.

Highlight Google Global and choose “options”.  There you can choose to de-personalize your search results and to open Google Global Results in a different tab.

You can now use Google Global from your search results or from your toolbar.

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