Dec 11

Installing Google Global 2

Installing Google Global 2

From your search results.

Search for your keywords as you typically would.

Once you receive your results, right click on the page.

A menu will pop up. Select “Search Google Global”, and choose what geographic location you would like to see the results for.

The new results will pop up in a different tab so you can compare results from different areas or countries side by side.

Google Global also allows you to customize your toolbar with an additional button.

To add the button simply right click an empty area on your Firefox menu bar. You’ll see a menu of icons to choose from. Find the Google Global Sphere, and click and drag the icon to your desired location.

You can also add other icons while you’re there, which saves time pulling up and activating add-ons when you need them.

And that’s it! Google Global is a great tool for internet marketers to learn where their site stands on search results all over the world.

It offers tremendous information to help create global marketing strategies, to help you find the information you need. And quite honestly, it is just plain fun and fascinating to use.

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