Jul 07

Keeping Your Computer Anti-Virus Software Up To Date

It never fails. People who do not keep their virus definitions updated pay the price. My step-father just had his entire computer trashed by a virus and is going to have to buy a whole new and much more expensive set up than he had hoped in order to keep running his old programs once he tries to get everything out of his old computer. We have said it before and we will say it again, even if it is only a couple of relatively harmless viruses, it still costs businesses hours of time and lost productivity, not to mention the cost of a new computer if things get completely destroyed.  The time and cash could certainly have been spent more enjoyably. So this is just another timely reminder, if you have not run your anti-virus software to update it and keep it current, and keep your machine clean, now is the time. Back up as well!  OFTEN! These are the basic rules for anyone who uses a computer for their livelihood.  If you do not already use Norton 360, well, it is not perfect, but it does offer many essential features plus Backup for a very reasonable price and covers 3 computers in your household. Norton 360 5.0 1-User/3PCs

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