Jul 22

Laptop trouble-shooting

Laptops have (at least) 2 features that will make you think it’s broke:
1) The key combination of function button and F5 key together redirects screen output from your laptop lcd to the vga port (usually next to the PS2 and serial port on the rear, left and/or right edge) on a laptop. You can easily and accidently press that key combo while handling it, and effectively ‘break’ your laptop – BUT – simply do the key sequence again to bring the output back to the lcd. The feature allows a laptop to connect to an overhead projector but also disables the lcd screen and this will happen from time to time.

2) Another feature is when you close the lcd, the screen presses a little button to turn off the lcd. If the button gets sticky, and it often does, it won’t pop out again the next time you lift open the lcd. Verify the button is out when the lid is open. The button is usually placed on the laptop top near the left or right hinge under the lcd.

This tech write up for tlc/faq was posted via email to support@xxx (domain hidden to stop spam).

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