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EC2 CentOS 8.0 Minimal HVM

This Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is an EBS backed HVM image with Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) support drivers pre-configured and loaded for Amazon’s highest network performance. AWS server types such as the ‘t3’ and ‘c5’ types utilize ENA.  Please see the complete list of Amazon server ‘types’ to know which are ENA enabled to ensure your instance is coming up ENA enabled.

The server comes up SELinux Enforcing mode. Also has the ec2-user configured with SE context, as well as admin privileges via sudoers. A custom systemd start up service is added to run the AWS cloud startup.

Though it is not required to assume root user to operate or administer the OS; if you do run into a problem switching from ec2-user to root user, run ‘sudo setenforce 0’ as ec2-user, then assume root login via ‘sudo su -‘.

Select this AMI in market place, then simply Launch the AMI via console or us the AMI ID to launch via API.  Always make sure you use a valid SSH key.