Jul 26

Set up a Friend Feed Account 2

Step Three.
Once your account has been created, you’ll have the opportunity to find Facebook Friends, and to import contacts from your address book.

You can also skip this step and browse other feeds to see if you have any connections.

Step Four.
View your FriendFeed.  It’ll be blank unless you’ve connected with others through Facebook and/or your contacts.

Step Five.
You can now add sites to your Feed and begin sharing. Note that your feeds can also be categorized.
Three main categories are available: Favorites, Personal, and Professional. However you can also create custom categories, to organize your feeds the way you need to.


Click on the Link To Your Accounts bar at the top of the page to add from more than 48 sites, including Twitter, Picassa, Amazon, YouTube, Digg and more.

To add personality to your Feed and to create a presence, you can also upload a picture so folks who don’t know you can see what you look like, and folks who do know you can see an updated avatar.

FriendFeed is a remarkably useful tool to connect with friends and family all around the globe. You can use it as a useful and fun social marketing tool.

Make friends, keep friends, and share your favorites with those you choose. You can also stay in touch with the brightest and the best internet resources around the world.

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